About us

  • COPYPACK MUSIC: www.copypackmusic.com.
    -Choir and orchestra arrangements and compositions that may be copied. There are over a hundred arrangements to choose from. The price for an original choir number that allows 30 copies to be made is only $6.00.

  • BUDGET SOUND TRACKS     rummler@appliedfocus.com
    -You describe, we design:  Sound tracks and background music, plus visuals at reasonable budget prices.

     -The Wrong Bottom Line and How To Change It. Interested in improving your organization effectiveness?  This is a book that provides guidance and processes to help you make a lasting impact. For more information go to : www.appliedfocus.com/WrongBottomLineInformation.html,
    It can also be perused and purchased from Amazon and most book stores. It comes in paperback and kindle.

    -Harold's Trip Through Death, A Look Into The Afterlife. (www.tripthroughdeath.com) This is a novel that follows a man through the concern every person faces, death. He passes through that door and finds opportunities he had never dreamed of. This book is also available in paperback and kindle through Amazon and book stores.

    -Grin Fairy Tails* for Children 6 to 106, Vol. I & II.  These are books of a new series that are fun for adults and children. If you like the Far Side and the roadrunner and coyote cartoons, you will like these books -- at Amazon http://tinyurl.com/6tjky2r or through book stores. They come in paperback and kindle.

    -I'll Lie Down When I'm Dead. This is the ideal book for retirees. It provides stimulation and ideas to get those individuals to "stop rocking and start rolling." Find this one in paperback and kindle at http://tinyurl.com/6tjky2r.

    Check out the patented furniture developed by Glenn. Go to: http://www.coroflot.com/glennrummler